EMG Is Not The End All Be All for Exercise Selection


     In light of some controversial posts Dr.Mike Reinold featured on his site regarding the use of electromyography (EMG) to validate or invalidate exercise selection (ChinUp vs. Pullup & Front vs. Back squat), I thought I’d pull together  my own thoughts as to why coaches, trainers, and clinicians need to take EMG research with a grain of salt and understand that  a plethora of methodological and interpretation flaws exist. My friend Bret Contreras has also featured his own use of EMG in rationalizing various glute exercises HERE. Of late, Nick Tumminello has reported the best core exercises that are “scientifically proven”.   With all this EMG talk I began composing my thoughts as I feel the potential here is for many lay folks and and possibly even some trainers or coaches out there, to read said reportings and overact to findings of EMG.      However, as I read through the comment sections of the previously mentioned blog posts I realized someone has already done this work for me by writing similar blog posts! My good friend’s Mark Young and Kevin Neeld have previously discussed in length much of what you need to know to guard yourself from being thrown for a loop with EMG research. You can find them HERE and HERE. They are highly recommended reads and it saves me a lot of time from composing a similar articulation.  

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