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A Foundational Piece

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Welcome To My Website. . . Finally!

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     As you can see on the home page, website production began about a year ago. Through the encouragement of friends and colleagues I’ve finally got around to pulling the trigger and therefore announce. . . Welcome to my website!

     Here I will chronicle my thoughts. What you will find herein is the coming together of a multidisciplinary performance paradigm. I hold that a proper perspective and evidence-based approach is what allows you and me to truly pursue “best-practice” in the context of our setting.

     Though not a genius, conceptually speaking “I write as my genius moves me” and therefore you will not find scheduled content according to calendars. With this uniqueness in place, you the reader can be assured your time here is well invested indeed.

     Please take note that I reserve the right to not limit my compositions to a particular style or thought process. Regardless if the topics and ideas presented here seem heterogeneous or homogenous I assure you all content resides under the multidisciplinary approach. You may find me disseminating complex topics one day only to return and find a discussion of the simpler more superficial variety. What may seem like esoteric knowledge to some, I hope to elucidate to the masses. I may find a need for belaboring a point while in another instance I may simply air out some musings. Research review and discussion will also be part of this resource as well as challenging contemporary dogma. Content will be put in practical and applied format as necessary but realize at times I may opt for an explanation of the underlying principles without any given applications whatsoever. I will express myself in the context of the “engine” and the “frame and tires” while keeping “fuel” content to a minimum.

     Finally, as you peruse the site in the hours, days, months, and years to follow I pray that any cognitive dissonance you might experience would bring about a free flowing, professional, and fruitful discussion in which you the reader, share you own thoughts. This way we may all have the opportunity to augment each other’s thinking.

     In order to stay abreast with the latest happenings here at I firmly recommend you subscribe to our FREE newsletter HERE: There will be exclusive content for newsletter subscribers only, which you will not want to forfeit.

All the best,

Coach Sam R. Leahey

P.S. For those who find it amusing like me, the background banner at the top of the website is the rough portion of a barbell.

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Nearing Completion!

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We thank you tremendously for your patience as this website undergoes its finishing touches. We know many have already located this resources even though we are attempting to keep it “hidden” for the time remaining. Rest assured it will be worth the wait.

All The Best,

Sam & Editors

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Thank You For Your Patience

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Thank you for your patience in this time of final site formatting. Please note, currently our intentions are  Read More→

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