Strongman Program Design with Dr.Davidson: Part 2.3 – Program Design



Here’s part 2.3 of Dr.Davidson’s strongman program design process. Be sure to read Part 1, 2.0, 2.1, and 2.2 first!

Q: Does the daily training session differ depending on what year the athlete is (freshman through senior)?

A: No, for a variety of reasons. First, I’ve got some freshmen who are outstanding, and I’ve got some upperclassmen who are lackluster at best. If I just divided it up by year I would be putting people into inappropriate groups. We’ve got to keep in mind that this is year 1 of this team, so we haven’t really fully established who the long term leaders of the team are going to be, or what our overall system really is. Second, if you got to interact with some of my freshmen, you would know that it would be a bad idea to sequester them off into their own group doing their own thing. I really don’t know exactly what would happen with that, but you can count on some general ass-clown like behavior.

   The younger guys need to work with the older guys, and the older guys need to develop the younger guys for the most part. Maybe five years from now when I have a fully established and integrated system with this team there can be something like that, but these are my first athletes. I need multiple years to establish a true system. I need athletes who have worked with me for multiple years to truly become leaders within my system, and then we can start thinking about dividing them up into different groups. For now we are a rag-tag bunch of miscreants who are starting to form a cohesive unit. We need to collectively go through the same trials and tribulations to form a group bond. 


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