The hardest person to train is yourself. If you read this blog or are familiar with my thought process then it goes without saying I will not be handing out cookie-cutter programs as my priority on individualized training is quite high. I feel many of the current “online coaching” models are severely flawed and really ignore the individual needs of the client. This coupled with the fact it can be a struggle to constantly monitor a clients physiological or biomechanical states through the internet, simply left me avoiding providing an online training service to the public all together. Over time and with new technologies I am excited to announce that I am now ready to offer online training programs. However, it is quality that I’m going for, not just passive income from cookie-cutter programs. There is an application and acceptance process but EVERYONE will be considered.
What will the coaching entail?
If you are in the San Francisco Bay Area or close enough that you would like to come out for an assessment, we can always arrange a time for this session and go over things in person. If you reside far away then there will be an online assessment process looking at your current physiological state as well as some general movement qualities. Throughout this program the individual will receive phone consultation as needed as well as email exchanges to answer any questions and/or stay in close contact as the program is going on to ensure that the they are getting they most out of it. Videos of exercises will be used to assist in exercise technique when needed however the client will also be required to provide video feedback of themselves performing specific exercises to ensure things are being done properly. Additionally, there are six key criteria that must be met to be considered for acceptance into the online program:
1) No injuries – It is impossible to deal with injured individuals over the Internet. On top of that, it would be totally unethical. If you are currently injured please seek medical attention.
2) Must have access to a gym – You need to have access to a gym. I will not attempt to write programs for people who want to just do body weight activities in their living room. A gym will allow you to perform many of the lifting and conditioning sessions. Additionally, if you have access to a field or track we can create programs around those things but you will need to have specific time in the gym as well. You will be asked for a detailed description of what equipment you have access to. If it is a nationally franchised gym (Gold’s gym, Planet Fitness, etc.) you must specify this. The methods we use to manipulate your body’s physiology and biomechanics have to be filtered through the tools we have available to us.
3) Must have a video camera – A flip cam, cell phone, etc. will work. You don’t need anything fancy of high quality. The video camera will be used at times during the assessment process as well as during various training sessions where you will at times need to record specific exercises or sets to ensure form and technique. The better your filming is the better we can help you.
4) Must be committed to the training process – You will be required to fill out training logs – This is essential to having an excellent training experience. You must be serious, have some sort of goal, and be willing to fill out the necessary information daily so that we can properly adjust training as needed. It is not long, just a few short answer questions or number ranking each day.
5) Must use BioForce HRV system throughout the program – This heart rate variability system is an application that can be used on an iphone, itouch, other apple products, or droid. This will help us further with looking at how you are adapting to the training program and if anything needs to be altered. It is equally essential to the daily log. Having this application is a requirement. Here is a promotional video for the Bioforce:

Why Is There An Application Process?
EVERYONE’S application will be read and reviewed. Everyone has an equal chance to be accepted. Online coaching is a different animal than in person coaching and requires some time and communication between the coach and the client. The application process helps to ensure that I can offer the clients the appropriate amount of time when it comes to consulting with them, making changes to the program as needed, and evaluating progress based on the workouts and the physiological and biomechanical indexes we are using to understand how the individual is adapting. ALL applications will be gone over so there is no reason to not apply if you’re interested.
How much does the program cost?

The program costs depends on how many months you are going to commit to training. Based on the frequency of your training you will be quoted a standar price that either must be paid in full or in the first week of each month before we take you further in the program. The BioForce app is not included as you must purchase this on your own.

How do I sign up?
To apply, simply email with the subject title "ONLINE TRAINING" and the following information:
  • Name, Age, Height, Hand/Foot Dominance
  • Current City & State
  • If you're an athlete, what sport(s)/position do you play?
  • If you're an athlete what is your sporting calander like? (off-season, in-season, etc.)
  • Any health concerns, previous injuries, etc. in your feet, ankles, shins/calves, knees, thighs, groin, backside of thighs, butt/tailbone, side of hips, lowback, abdominal area, chest, upper back, shoulders, neck, upper arms, forearms, wrists, hands, or fingers?
  • Current level of life stress
  • Goals (bullet point)
  • What you currently do for exercise (bullet point)
  • What is your training background? What have you been exposed to?

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