Metacognition and Coaching


     As we grow in professional development we begin to see how seemingly unrelated topics can always tie back into what you and I do for a living. The coach and clinician of 2011 is far different than that of thirty years ago and I believe much of it has to do with societal paradigms that have since been modified or changed all together.

     While doing some continuing education, serendipity brought a few video clips my way that I think have tremendous implications for coaches and clinicians. So many in fact, that I see no point in trying to explain every little take home point that I applied to what I do. Rather, just leave your comments below as to how these little tidbits can make you a better coach/clinician and what information is presented that causes you to rethink your professional swagger.

The Education of a Coach – how has it changed and what should it be like?

What Drives a Coach?

How Has the Internet Affected the Coaching Profession?



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