DVD Review: Dr. Craig Liebenson’s Flexibility, Core Stability, & Functional Performance.


This weekend I watched Craig Liebenson’s new DVD series. I’ll get right to it and say the biggest thing I gleaned from it were some additional coaching cues for various exercises. I thought the Core Stability one was best, overall. It featured a wide gammet of exercises, most of which I have used in the past. I found some of the techniques Craig used in the exercises were different then how I’ve done it in the past. This caused me to rethink some things regarding certain movements and I ended up added them back into my exercise database. This just goes to show you how people can look at the same thing differently and implement the same science differently. Good stuff Dr.Liebenson!
The abdominal brace progression showed in the DVD is near exact to how I use them as well. One thing to appreciate is that Craig shows lots of different exercise variations, however, that is not to say you should/need to use them all. My advice would be to simply tweeze out the ones you deem most beneficial for your purposes and setting without getting overwhelmed or feeling pressured to include all the exercise variations discussed. I had an affinity for the Resisted Core Training category in the DVD as well. I use similar variations in mechanically specific positions relative the sport that I’m dealing with.
The flexibility, yoga training, postural, and ergonomic advice DVD was good as well. The respiration explanation and videos were clutch. Highly recommended that you understand what Craig is talking about in that segment as its information that far into much of what we do as coaches. The same goes for the ergonomic advice Dr.Liebenson gives. He cited McGill research and does a great job of watering it down so anyone watching can understand. Again, these are high yield concepts.
All in all, get these DVD’s, watch and listen to the details, and you will be better at what you do. Just click on the pictures below for a direct link!

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